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Volkswagen Corner Light

With half a century of car manufacturing, Volkswagen has provided different vehicles capable of bringing its passengers to their destinations, safety. With its main concept as a people's car' that dates back from the time of Ferdinand Porsche and was then followed by Adolph Hitler when he became the Chancellor of Germany, Volkswagen has provided transport to both German masses as well as European and American people. Known for its affordability and economy, Volkswagen vehicles answers the need for good transportation at a good price.

Though economy is Volkswagen's main priority, the company has never disregard the importance of safety and utility. And with that, Volkswagen is equipped with standard parts that complete the vehicle, at the same time protect it and keep it safe.

As part of the Volkswagen light system, the Volkswagen corner lights serve a major role in keeping the vehicle safe while on the road. Located at both side of the vehicle specifically at the front fender, the corner lights illuminate to give other driver the sight of the vehicle's presence on the road. The Volkswagen corner lights can also be seen with the tail light assembly. Together with the reverse light and brake light, the corner lights can easily be distinguished with its yellow color. It can also be found at together with the headlight assembly. With all the bulbs with it, the corner lights are located at the outmost part of the assembly. It is design this way, to keep the light visible in its purpose. Also known as the turn signal lights, the corner lights' main purpose is to give other driver the signal of your intention to either turn left or right or change lane for that matter. With the availability of the corner light the Volkswagen is kept safe.

Volkswagen Corner Light Models