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Volkswagen Passat Headlight

Daytime driving with the Volkswagen Passat is no hard task. With a good set of eyes and a well coordinated body plus a skill that is honed through a long years of experience and with 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel performs like a 6-cylinder gas engine, you can easily manage through narrow alleys and busy street. The comfort of the interior and the well cushioned seats give every driver as well as the passenger the luxury of a BMW and a price with that of a Honda add to the reason why the Passat is nice to drive. The 134hp and 247 lb-ft of torque and fuel consumption 50% lesser than a conventional vehicle in its class would not give anyone a second thought of driving it. But when nighttime falls, all the comfort, the power and the fuel efficiency would be useless without a proper headlight.

The headlight is composed of many parts including the headlight assembly which would house the entire parts of the headlight. The headlight lens is the front class or plastic or just a headlight cover which would sometimes be tinted plastic to project better effect on the vehicle. The headlight bulb is another part of the headlight which could come in pairs or individually.

Passat headlights, like any other vehicle headlights are located at the front of the car in pair with one and only one mission: to provide that extra road visibility whenever the driver needs it. Headlight construction depends on the vehicle production year. Older cars use sealed beam which is one of the dimmest headlights. Halogen Volkswagen headlights are used on newer models which is better than the sealed beams. Halogen lights could also offer color styles from white, blue, yellow and purple depending on the bulb. The HID or the High Intensity Discharge headlight or commonly called the Xenon headlights are the best Volkswagen headlights on the market. Some headlights have delay feature that keeps the lights on for about 30 seconds after the ignition has been turned off. It serves best to drivers who need light on dark road or alleys.

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