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Volkswagen Passat HUB Cap

There are several accessories a VW Passat owner could choose in order to create an individualized Passat. These accessories would range from those which could upgrade the comfort and luxury or the sporty feel of the interior like the shifter accessories, floor mats, sun shades, carpets, and roof rack accessories. To those which can improve the exterior look of the car that could surely generate attention such as air dams, spoilers, and other body accessories. There are also Passat accessories that could improve the performance of the vehicle. These include nitrous system, chip computer performance, and oil filters. All these guarantee an improved effect on the VW Passat. But there is one accessory that can give almost the same service yet priced relatively low than the mentioned accessories. This is the VW Passat hub caps.

A hub caps are installed on the wheel of the vehicle and serve two major functions: first is to keep the vehicle's wheel look uniquely beautiful and second is to protect the hub from dirt caused by road debris.

The hub caps are used interchangeably with the wheel cover since they are both located and installed at the wheel of the vehicle. The wheel cover or also known as the "dog dish" covers the entire wheel. This is good when owners want to improve the image of their wheel without replacing and buying a new set. Wheel covers alone will do the job by concealing the entire wheel. It is at the same time functions as a protective shield of the original wheel from dirt and other road debris. The hub caps on the other hand only cover the hob of the wheel leaving the original wheel visible. The hub is the center part of the wheel where the bolts are located. Some hub caps posses the emblem of the VW which makes it look more beautiful.

Volkswagen hub caps are offered in different variety. Customized hub caps are also available. Volkswagen Passat Hub Cap