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Volkswagen Passat Side Marker Lights

Road Safety 101: Troubleshooting Your Volkswagen Passat Side Marker Lights

A large part of safe driving depends on properly working front and rear light assemblies. Take these components out, and you're in for nasty road accident. The collective effort of these lights ensures your safe travel and acts as a guide to help you see the road better in the dark. Avoiding accidents and getting maximum visibility is only possible if all lights in the assembly are functioning properly. When checking your light assembly, the headlights and tail lights may be your priority, but you should also keep an eye on your side markers. These safety lights highlight your vehicle's full length and width to alert pedestrians and other drivers of your presence. Aside from that, they also act as the headlight's assistants in providing stronger illumination, especially in poorly lit areas. Because your Volkswagen Passat side marker lights are crucial to your safety, you need to do some troubleshooting right away once you notice early signs of failure. We've come up with a guide to help you out.

Fuse failure

As with probably all electrical components in your VW, a blown fuse is the most likely culprit behind your faulty side markers. If none of your markers seem to be working, you need to inspect the fuse for possible damage. Locating the right fuse for your side markers is easy with the help of your owner's manual. Once you've located it in the fuse box panel, do a visual inspection to determine whether the metal inside it is busted or broken. If it is, then you need to get a new fuse to fix your side markers. Using a fuse extractor can help you remove the fuse more easily.

Loose electrical connection

If you've ruled out fuse and bulb problems, then the next thing you should check are the side markers' electrical connections. These wires are connected to either the parking light wire or headlight wire loom. In some cases, they're also hooked to the tail lights. If your side markers won't activate even after you've switched your headlights on, then you need to check for loose electrical connections. Secure the wires and plug them properly for uninterrupted flow of electricity.

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  • Tips in Caring for Your Volkswagen Passat Side Marker Lights

    When doing routine inspections and maintenance on your light assembly, your side markers are probably the last on your list. Because they only function as auxiliary lights, you may often overlook their need for proper care and upkeep. Prioritizing your headlights and tail lights is not a bad thing, but you should also consider giving tender loving care to the little helpers, such as your Volkswagen Passat side marker lights. When not given proper maintenance, your side markers may produce weak beams and may even malfunction to the point that they need replacing. Don't let your side markers reach that point, though, if you can still do something to preserve their condition. Performing regular maintenance will not only extend the service life of your side markers and improve their performance, but it will also make them look brand new again. What's more, polished and well-maintained side markers will even boost the charm of your VW. Follow the tips we've listed below to keep them in tiptop shape.

    Regularly perform lens restoration on your side markers.

    Over time, your side marker lenses may become dull, foggy, and scratched. Road debris, constant exposure to sunlight, and extreme weather conditions can wear out the lenses, causing your side markers to give off weak beams instead of strong illumination. This can affect your visibility on the road and possibly even jeopardize your safety, so performing regular lens restoration is a must to remove dirt and dullness that can block the side marker's light. Wet fine-grit sandpaper may be used to eliminate the scratches and smoothen out the surface of the lenses, while automotive rubbing compound and plastic polish can effectively remove the haze and restore their factory shine. For best results, coat the lenses with car wax to protect them from dirt and dullness.

    Secure wire connections.

    If your side marker lights are constantly going on and off, then you may have a loose electrical connection. This can hamper the flow of electricity to your side markers, resulting in weak or flickering beams. To ensure a steady flow of power and optimum ground connection, secure the side markers' ground wire with a set of durable mounting screws and clips. Also, apply epoxy on the ground screw contact to seal it properly and prevent corrosion.