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Volkswagen Spoiler

The Volkswagen Jetta's overall styling is in line with that performance, with a comprehensive sports package being offered. Racing type rear and front bumpers, side skirts and tailgate spoilers are the most obvious external changes to the standard Jetta, with 17-inch alloy wheels being offered as standard. The Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Passat's tailgate spoiler is small wing that attaches to its tailgate. Rear spoilers originally were designed to improve a race car's aerodynamics now they are more of a restyling accessory even on street trucks. Adding a spoiler to your Volkswagen will help give you the sporty look you are going for. The Volkswagen spoiler integrates smoothly with the existing bodywork of the Jetta and the Passat. It requires painting to match body color.
Made of a precision-formed material, the Volkswagen Spoiler enhances the lines of your vehicle. Volkswagen Passat spoilers are made of impact-resistant, integral polyurethane foam spoiler, which increases your vehicle's rear down force. It has Chrome finish accents offer scratch and impact resistant surface, high-gloss with a strong three-dimensional appearance, self-adhesive, easy installation.