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Volkswagen Touareg Timing Chain Tensioner

Common Symptoms of a Bad Volkswagen Touareg Timing Chain Tensioner

The Volkswagen Touareg timing chain tensioner is not a component that you will care about every day. In fact, you will only hear about this component when your engine starts to fail. Nevertheless, the timing chain tensioner has a small but significant role-it is responsible in maintaining the appropriate tension on the timing chain. Without it, the engine will not work properly. If you experience problems with your car's engine, then you might want to take a look at the timing chain tensioner.

Engine damage

If your timing chain tensioner is made from plastic, it could fail prematurely and cause severe engine damage. If you hear a noise from the engine while your car is on idle or during a cold start, this is usually the first indication of a faulty tensioner. Sometimes, the noise is accompanied by a rough or uneven idle. To fix this, immediately replace the plastic timing chain tensioner with a new one made of sturdier material. If there are other components damaged by this failure, replace them with new ones as well. Do not ignore this problem as neglect could lead to more costly repairs.

Noise in front of the engine

If you hear an abnormal noise from the timing chain, then this indicates that the tensioner has failed. The component's failure is generally caused by lack of oil applied to the timing chain guides. Should you experience this problem, immediately oil the timing chain assembly or have it serviced if you are not familiar with the component. Ignoring this problem could lead to more serious issues such as engine misfire and generated error codes.

Other troubleshooting tips

When you have to replace the timing chain tensioner, you will have to replace the entire timing chain set, including the chains, the gear set, and the guides. This is to prevent the same problem from occurring again in the future.

Know how many timing chains your car's engine has as it may have several installed. Even if only one tensioner is the problem, you will need to replace all the chain sets in the engine as a preventive measure.

Use high-quality, fully synthetic engine oil to extend the life of the timing chain tensioner. It will also help prevent the engine from failing.

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  • Helpful Tips in Keeping Your Volkswagen Touareg Timing Chain Tensioner in Good Condition

    Your Volkswagen Touareg's timing chain tensioner is responsible for making sure that the timing belt has the correct level of tension to keep it moving in a consistent pace and in perfect timing with the other parts of the engine. It's a crucial part of your vehicle's internal combustion engine that should always be kept in good condition. If the timing chain tensioner gets cracked or worn, the timing belt will also fail. And if your Volkswagen Touareg has an "interference engine," a malfunctioning tensioner could cause massive engine damage that may require an expensive repair. To prevent these problems from getting bigger and a lot harder to fix, make sure that your timing chain tensioner goes through regular maintenance. Here's a couple of helpful tips that will help you keep your Volkswagen Touareg's tensioner working properly.

    Regular inspection

    Always include timing chain tensioner inspection to your Volkswagen Touareg's routine maintenance. You may also have your automotive service technicians to take a look at it every time you visit them for an oil change. You can also do the inspection yourself when you're refilling the washer fluid in your windshield. It will also help to check the other components that work with your timing chain tensioner to make sure that each one of them is working properly. Inspect the tensioner pulley for physical damage that may be caused by extreme tension or physical interference. Also check the looseness of the timing belt to make sure that it won't produce annoying noises.

    Regular cleaning

    Just like any other car component, the timing chain tensioner of your Volkswagen Touareg is also susceptible to rust or corrosion. Corrosion is most likely to develop if you live in a place with a colder climate. Dirt and mud may also build up around the tensioner and prevent it from spinning properly. Clean your tensioner with mild soap and warm water on a regular basis. Make sure that it's completely rinsed. Also, don't forget to dry the tensioner, belt, and the pulley with a clean rag or cloth.


    The timing chain tensioner of your Volkswagen Touareg will wear out eventually. And the easiest and most cost effective time to replace this component is when you're replacing the timing belt. If your timing belt is worn, damaged, and needs to be replaced, it would also be best to replace the tensioner at the same time so that the new component wouldn't have to work with the old components that may wear out and break sooner.