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Volvo Harmonic Balancer

When you're too tired and burnt out of long day work, you sure would want to have a quiet and comfortable ride with your Volvo, until you finally rest your back on a soft couch. But isn't it irritating that even on paved roads, the strength left of you is being beaten by the pressure felt during the drive? The causes are torsional vibrations and road irregularities.

here's nothing you could do about the road irregularities, but if you let your self suffer from torsional vibrations, then you're making a wrong move. Why don't you check on the harmonic balancer of the vehicle? The problem may just be laying there. If the Volvo harmonic balancers are dislocated or if they're of low quality, you and your Volvo would have to bear with the uneasy involuntary movements created by the engine operation.

A harmonic balancer is a component being connected to the crankshaft to act as vibration damper. It's a two-piece balancer connected by rubber plugs, spring loaded friction discs or both. It works on redirecting the twisting power generated by the cylinder, from the heavy part of the damper to the rubber or discs that connects the two parts of the damper. In operation, the twisting power hits the crankshaft, the balancer then absorbs the energy. But because of the heavy construction of harmonic balancer, the twist then ends up with the more subtle connection of rubber. The motion subsequently speeds up the damper wheel which makes the crankshaft operation calm.

When the harmonic balancer or the damper doesn't move on standard speed, the front crank would as well make low speeding. If this happens, the Volvo crankshaft may fail to provide efficient performance. For remember, harmonic balancers do not only lessen torsional vibration they also prevent crankshaft failure as well as help prolong the life of the engine by reducing wear on the main bearing and main journals.

And in order to experience maximum comfort and quiet ride, wrap-up your Volvo with reliable Volvo sound deadeners. Then, load it with different modern Volvo accessory and sophisticated aftermarket auto parts that would further enhance its quality and performance.