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Volvo S40 Side Marker Lights

Bringing Back the Glow in Your Volvo S40 Side Marker Lights

Different automotive lights can be found on your Volvo S40, and among these lights are the side marker lights. Installed at the front and rear sides of your car, side marker lights basically function as additional safety lights that help improve your visibility on the road. Other drivers are easily notified of your presence on the road, so accidents are most likely prevented. Having side marker lights that are not properly working could cause you serious risks of road hazard and a ticket from the authorities. Here are the most common causes of your Volvo S40 side marker lights malfunction:

Burnt-out bulb

If the side marker lights on your Volvo S40 refuse to work properly, look into the bulb and find out if it has already burnt out. A burnt-out bulb is usually indicated by a broken filament, and the only thing you can do about it is to install a replacement bulb. However, some Volvo S40 side marker lights are sealed, which would then require you to change the whole unit. Meanwhile, other Volvo S40 models are equipped with side marker lights that can be opened in case you need to replace the bulb. Usually, the bulbs in these lights are secured with sealant that can be easily removed. Once you have taken out the sealant, you can already pull the bulb out. Then, simply install the replacement bulb. Make sure you don't touch the bulb with your hands. Your skin has oils, which could cause hot spots on the bulb's surface once it heats up. As a result, the bulb would burn out sooner than expected. Use a cloth in holding the bulb and reseal it with silicon.

Broken fuse

To know if the cause of your side marker lights malfunction is due to a blown fuse, look for a black or broken metal piece at the center of the fuse. If you spot one, replace the damaged fuse immediately. Make sure that your replacement if of the same wattage and size to ensure compatibility. Test your lights after changing the fuse. If the fuse still blows, consider other possibilities of side marker lights failure such as short circuit or problems in other systems of your vehicle.

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  • Sustaining the Brightness of Your Volvo S40 Side Marker Lights

    Not only will malfunctioning or poorly lit side marker lights get you in trouble with the authorities, they can also increase the risks of danger while you're on the road. Specifically designed to increase your visibility, these lights allow your fellow drivers to spot your car easily even from an oblique angle. In addition to that, collisions may be avoided because other motorists are warned of your automobile's presence even from a certain distance. To keep your Volvo S40 side marker lights in good condition, follow these tips:

    Inspect bulb, fuse, and wires.

    Make sure that the bulb is still generating sufficient brightness. If any of your side marker lights appears dim or hazy, visually inspect the lens if too much dirt has already accumulated on its surface. However, if the lights are no longer working, check their electrical components. Find out if any of the bulbs has already burnt out, which would require you to get a replacement for it. Be careful when pulling out the bulb, though. You might scratch the paint of your car.

    If the bulb looks fine, consider checking for a blown fuse. Replace this component if it is damaged. However, if the fuse continues to blow, you need to check the wires attached to your side marker lights for a short circuit. Do the necessary repair.

    Keep them clean and looking good.

    Inspect your side marker lights for cracks and scratches, which can be removed with non-gel toothpaste. You must clean these lights before proceeding to the removal of these ugly marks, though. Use glass cleaning solution and plastic polish to keep that shiny look on your Volvo S40. Just make sure that you don't apply the polish while your car is under direct sunlight. You might want to try watered-down degreaser, too. Sanding the scratched surface of your side marker lenses is also an option. Wet the sandpaper with soapy water and start cleaning off the lenses.

    Check the interior of your side marker lights as well. Look closely for moisture, which is a likely cause for cloudy headlights. Simply remove the lens or the whole unit of your side marker lights and let it dry. Make sure that moisture is drained completely.