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Volvo S70 Door Lock Assembly

Common Problems and Troubleshooting of the Volvo S70 Door Lock Assembly

The door lock assembly is one of those parts of the Volvo S70 that rarely cause problems, but when it does, it could mean a ton of headaches and costly trips to the mechanic. The following are some of the common problems of the Volvo S70 door lock assembly and their likely causes:

Buzzing lock

If the lock doesn't open and starts vibrating, this is likely due to a burnt-out actuator. Door lock actuators are small motors placed on the door panels that lock or unlock the door, and once they get burnt they must be replaced in order to use the locks again.

Locks make a clicking noise

If the lock is making a clicking noise, it could mean a problem with the door lock actuator. However, if the lock is deactivated and is still making a constant clicking, ticking or snapping noise, the problem is more likely to be with the electrical connections rather than the actuator itself. In most cases, the ground wire may have come loose and the noise you're hearing is due to the electrical current jumping from the loose wire to a nearby metal object. In such cases, the service panel has to be removed and the loosened wires inserted back into the actuator.

The remote locking feature doesn't work

A standard feature in both Volvo S70 model years, the remote power locks have been known to malfunction after 15,000 miles, and this can be due to a number of reasons. First, check the remote to see whether the battery is charged and both ends are touching the contacts. Next, open the fuse box and check if the fuses are all functional using a voltage meter. If no electricity is going through any of the fuses while the engine is running, replace them and see if the remote locks will work. If the locks still refuse to activate, the only remaining possibility is a problem with the control box, a device that receives and interprets the signal from the remote. While it is not likely that all of the wires of the control box would malfunction simultaneously, there's a good chance that the control box itself is faulty and is in need of repair or replacement.

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  • Tips to Keep your Volvo S70 Door Lock Assembly in Good Condition

    Expect to turn heads and rouse interest when you drive around town in your Volvo S70. As the vehicle suggests luxury, you can easily be the center of attention. While you enjoy such social feast, you might also want to spare some time thinking about your car's-and your own, actually-security. No other car part can serve you this purpose better than the Volvo S70 door lock assembly. Of course you'd like to keep your car's security in the best shape possible. So, why don't you bank on safety and invest some time and effort on these maintenance tips?

    • Check each of the parts periodically
    • A door lock assembly is composed of different lock components. These include an actuator, a lock, a switch, a knob, a cylinder, a clip, a seal, a gasket, a lock cylinder switch, a relay, and in some units, an emergency door lock opener. To ensure that your Volvo S70 door lock assembly is working perfectly fine, you had better keep an eye out for all of its parts. Damage in just one of these components may cause problems in the entire assembly, affecting the security of your car.
    • Clean the door lock on a regular basis
    • Getting rid of pollutants and other substances that can negatively affect the functions of your door lock assembly shouldn't be missing in any maintenance list. Give particular attention to the knob and the switch, which are some of the parts more frequently exposed to pollutants. These should be cleaned more regularly.
    • Lubricate the door lock twice a year
    • Dirt can accumulate in the lock cylinders and lock mechanisms over time. This collection of grime combines with the lock components' original grease, producing a hard and difficult-to-scrape-off lump of dirt. But the nastiest effect of this dirt accumulation is the malfunction of your Volvo S70's lock mechanism. To save your car-and yourself-from such trouble, lubricating your door lock assembly at least twice a year is highly recommended. Superior clear synthetic lubes channeled through the spray tube of an aerosol can best serve this function. Note, though, that although lubricated, your door lock might still freeze in winter because of the cold weather. In such cases, you can simply spray isopropyl alcohol with 'door lock unfreezer' aerosols widely available in the autoparts market.