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Volvo Truck Parts and Volvo Truck Accessories

When Volvo was first developed by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson in 1924 during a meal consisting of crayfish, they have planned to build a vehicle that would better suit the Scandinavian climate compared to vehicles imported from the US. The vehicle was to utilize high-quality Swedish steel alongside other components. 205 steel-bodied cars were produced, and as they say, the rest is history. Volvo also started producing 1.5 ton trucks. Until World War II, the trucks outsold the cars and left them in the dust. Volvo trucks are known for their workhorse quality that suits them best for real hard work. Strength and durability are two of the qualities that has made them a staple in the construction industry, and year by year sales increase due to their known efficiency.
The secret behind Volvo trucks is the parts that comprise them. Parts that make everything possible include hoods, suspensions, cabs, axles, steering boxes, doors, door shells, engine covers, extensions, fenders, grilles, mirrors, mounts, radiator, trunk lids, trunk spoilers and a whole lot of others. Any Volvo truck part functions well even during difficult driving situations, making Volvo trucks a trusted name in truck manufacturing.
Volvo truck parts are available in the market as new parts, used parts, engine parts and rebuilt component parts depending on the needs of buyers. New parts are for those who want brand new contraptions on their trucks, while used parts are for those who want good old truck parts that still do good. Any Volvo engine part can now be bought to complement their respective Volvo trucks, and rebuilt component parts are just there to be of service to potential buyers.
For this year Volvo has its new flagship truck, the high-horsepower Volvo VT 880 which utilizes high-output engines. This includes the new Volvo D16 engine which produces 625 hp and 2,250 lbs-ft. of torque. This is the most powerful truck engine available today. The truck also features a chrome grille that is 15% larger than other Volvo grilles, a polished all-steel bumper, chrome air intake surrounds and polished twin exhaust stacks.
Volvo is now one of the world's largest producers of heavy trucks. The company carries the motto "safety is and must be the basic principle", the reason behind why safety and environmental care are carefully built into the making of each truck. This could not be achieved without having to choose the best quality parts for each truck. This is what has been behind Volvo's success for over 80 years now.