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Cadillac Air Deflector

If your vehicle feels like it may be carried away on a windy day, perhaps cutting down the wind resistance with a Cadillac air deflector will help make it feel more stable. There are a variety of Cadillac air deflector types, each designed to help reduce wind drag in a different area of the vehicle. For the wind that blasts through your window when opened even a crack at highway speeds, there is the side window Cadillac air deflector, custom molded for each vehicle model to fit in the channel above the window, directing the air away to reduce wind resistance and the noise it makes. There is a type of Cadillac air deflector that mounts on the hood of the vehicle, to deflect the wind that hits your vehicle head on, sending it up and over the hood and windshield of the vehicle. This is meant allow your vehicle to slice smoothly through the flow of air as it travels, reducing the rock and sway of the wind blowing your vehicle about. If your vehicle has a sunroof, the wind can be rough on it, the pressure causing damage to its alignment and hardware. There is a Cadillac air deflector designed to prevent wind drag in this area as well, protecting the sunroof and keeping its wind resistance from affecting your vehicle handling. A rear window Cadillac air deflector can help smooth the flow of air over the back of the vehicle, further improving the vehicle aerodynamics. If you would like to install any of these smart accessories on your vehicle, we have a selection of the Cadillac air deflector available in our online catalog, easily ordered at low prices on our secure site, or we will be happy to take your order on our toll-fee telephone line.