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Cadillac Alternator

When you are driving down the road in your Cadillac and the lights begin to dim, the radio stops playing, and the dash goes dark, you realize that you have been relying on battery power for the majority of this trip. This usually indicates the failure of the Cadillac alternator, the device that is used to charge the battery and power the electrical system while the engine is running. This part uses the motion of the engine, transferred through a belt from the crankshaft, to turn a small electrical generator within the engine compartment. While the Cadillac alternator operates, it produces alternating current, which is transformed into the direct current that the vehicle needs with the use of an internal voltage regulator. Total failure of the Cadillac alternator may result from failed diodes within the voltage regulator, which is not easily replaced. In addition, failure can be incremental, due to the nature of the part. The Cadillac alternator has three separate circuits that are used to produce voltage, and if one of these fails, the vehicle will continue to run normally and the battery will continue to be charge. Eventually, however, the rest of the Cadillac alternator will fail due to the increased load. When it does, you will find the correct Cadillac alternator in our large online catalog, in addition to many other parts and accessories for your vehicle. The quality of our Cadillac alternator is equal to the similar part from the dealership, usually at a much lower cost, and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer to guarantee its performance. Our intuitive interface will make it very easy to find the parts you need, and ordering is easy and fast, whether you choose to order your Cadillac alternator online or via our toll-free telephone number.