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Cadillac Ball Joint

A Cadillac ball joint serves both your steering system and your suspension system, which is not surprising as these two systems are closely related. In fact, the Cadillac ball joint is one point at which these systems come together, as the Cadillac ball joint works with the steering rack as well as with the suspension system. Serving to ensure that the tires are able to move independently of each other over bumps and uneven surfaces, the Cadillac ball joint helps to control the movement of the vehicle over rough roads and to dissipate the force created as the vehicle travels such terrain. When the Cadillac ball joint at each tire is in good condition the ride will be much smoother than it would be otherwise. Smoothness of ride, as pleasant as it is, is not the primary purpose of the Cadillac ball joint, but rather it is assisting in vehicle handling and control. When a Cadillac ball joint begins to deteriorate, there will be a noticeable difference in handling, the steering will feel looser, less accurate, creating the sense of sloppy handling. The tires may wear unevenly and front-end alignment may suffer. This is not a repair to be put off, as when any part that works intimately with the suspension system is not up to par, other parts are stressed, often right up to the point of causing real damage, making it necessary to spend time and money repairing additional suspension parts. You'll be able to find the correct Cadillac ball joint replacement in our online catalog, readily available and safe and convenient to order. You can place your Cadillac ball joint order at any time of the day or night via our secure online ordering system or you can dial our toll-free telephone number.