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Cadillac Blower Motor

Summer's here and everything just got hotter, even the insides of your Cadillac. Blow off some heat out of your auto with a functioning Cadillac blower motor. Without this component, your A/C would be rendered uselessthis component draws outside air and allows it to pass through cooling elements before releasing it from the vents. Even if you drive a cool Cadillac, you'd surely lose your cool if it doesn't give you its comfy and luxurious ride all because of a bad blower motor. Check your heater and A/C regularly and make sure their motors are running properly.

So what should you do when you find a busted Cadillac blower motor? Before getting a replacement, perform these checks. First, grab your voltmeter to check if there's a blown fuse. Replace damaged fuse as needed. If the motor still isn't working, inspect the circuits. Fix loose connections and connect broken wires. If there's no problem with the circuit, then start cleaning the blower motor. Detach it from your system and clean out any debris using a soft cloth and an electrical parts cleaner. Apply some oil on the bearings and perform a test to see if all its components are working fine. Once you've done all these and yet the blower motor still hasn't started, that's when you should think about getting a replacement.

So which Cadillac blower motor fits your vehicle? There are many brands that offer top-notch blower motors. You can check out 4-Seasons, AC Delco, AutoTrust Platinum and Replacement. Replacement offers low-priced motors that are backed with 10year unlimited-mileage warranties. AC Delco motors, on the other hand, have a permanent magnetic feature that prolongs the service life of the motor and ensures better function. These products, however, cost around $250 to $500, which can be tough for the pocket.

Cadillac Blower Motor Models