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Cadillac Brake Caliper

The Cadillac brake caliper is the component in the vehicle braking system that applies pressure to the brake pads, squeezing them against the brake disc, often called the rotor, to stop the vehicle as you apply the brake. The brake caliper that is standard in most vehicles is the single piston floating Cadillac brake caliper. The Cadillac brake caliper uses its piston, operated with pressure provided by a hydraulic fluid system, to move the brake pads inwards to make contact with the brake disc. The friction that is produced by this contact slows and stops the motion of the wheels as the brake is applied. When the brake pedal is released, the Cadillac brake caliper piston retracts to remove the brake pads from contact with the brake disc, allowing the vehicle to move freely. The proper function of the Cadillac brake caliper is crucial to the safety of your vehicle. If exposure to the elements causes corrosion in the Cadillac brake caliper it can cause failure, seizing its moving parts. A leak of hydraulic fluid in the braking system can leave the Cadillac brake caliper without enough pressure to engage the brake pads with the brake disc. If your vehicle pulls sharply to one side as the brake is applied, this can be an indication of a failed Cadillac brake caliper. We carry a selection of quality Cadillac brake caliper replacement parts in our user-friendly online catalog. Our site is secure and efficient, making it fast and easy to order your Cadillac brake caliper replacement parts or if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free phone line can help you place your order just as efficiently.