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Cadillac Brake Disc

The Cadillac brake disc is a critical component in the braking system, working with the brake caliper and brake pads to stop the motion of the wheels when the brakes are applied. The most common type of Cadillac brake disc, standard in most vehicles, is made of cast iron with a series of cooling fins between the contact surfaces for the dissipation of the heat caused by friction in the braking system. The brake pads are squeezed against the Cadillac brake disc by the brake caliper to produce the friction that is necessary to slow and stop the vehicle. There are a number of other designs in which the Cadillac brake disc is made, most engineered for higher braking performance. One of these alternative designs is the slotted Cadillac brake disc, made with shallow channels in the surface to wipe away the used brake pad material efficiently for better performance and less risk of brake fade. Another style is the drilled Cadillac brake disc, with many small holes through it for better dissipation of heat and water shedding capability, for safer braking in wet weather. Many of these custom styles of the Cadillac brake disc offer a higher level of safety, with better performance poor weather conditions. The increased dissipation of heat that these higher performance Cadillac brake disc options offer can significantly reduce the danger of brake fade caused by overheated brake components. We carry a selection of quality Cadillac brake disc replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes it safe and easy to order your Cadillac brake disc or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient.

Cadillac Brake Disc Models