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Cadillac Carpet

There are a lot of things that create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience inside the cab of a Cadillac vehicle. There's the long list of entertainment features like the audio and video system that makes every Cadillac ride enjoyable. Then there's the air conditioning system that allows you to relax inside the car in the middle of a hot and scorching summer day. And how about the finely made Cadillac carpet that creates a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere for the vehicle's cabin?

Cadillac carpets, just like the carpets used on other vehicles, were designed primarily to protect the vehicle's floor pan from various corrosive elements like water, snow, mud, and slime. Since the vehicle's floor pan is made of sheet metal, it can get rusty and damaged if it constantly comes in contact with these elements. This is why it is important to keep the vehicle's carpet always at top shape.

Aside from keeping the vehicle's floor pan from getting damaged, the carpet's other function is to conceal the sheet metal floor pan from the view of the passengers. The carpet, thus, creates an atmosphere that the vehicle's manufacturer wants it to have. For Cadillac vehicles, this atmosphere is that of luxuriousness, elegance and comfort.

Original Cadillac carpets create a uniformed look for the vehicle's interior, perfectly matching the style of the dashboard and other original accessories that may be installed within the car. But the carpet can only do so for as long as it is in good condition. A worn out and torn Cadillac carpet would certainly look ugly on your vehicle, making it unfit to be part of a Cadillac. You don't have to worry, however, for there are a lot of aftermarket and custom Cadillac carpets available for your restoration need.

Custom molded Cadillac carpets come in a variety of colors and designs, and are usually made from various materials. One thing's sure though, that they would fit perfectly on your Cadillac (for custom molded carpets are molded to a particular vehicle's floor pan). By replacing the worn out stock Cadillac carpet with these custom molded carpets, you can bring your Cadillac back to its original luxuriousness.