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Cadillac Coil Springs

Cadillac coil springs are a component in the suspension system of your vehicle, helping to cushion against the vibration and bumps of the road. The suspension smoothes the ride of your vehicle, making it more comfortable, but that is more of a pleasant side effect, however convenient, of its real purpose of absorbing the shock from the potholes and speed bumps you travel over in everyday driving, thus protecting the structure of your vehicle, ensuring that it doesn't fall apart due to the stresses of the road and its varying terrain, and keeping it securely on the road. The action of the Cadillac coil springs, along with the many other suspension parts, adds flexibility to your vehicle. Without the ability to move and flex with the uneven road surfaces and bumpy roads, the vehicle would be difficult to control, hitting the bumps solidly, which would cause the wheels to leave the ground in a vertical bounce and land with a crash. Cadillac coil springs help the suspension system provide the wheels with the ability to move independently with the varied levels of the road surface, allowing all four wheels to retain their grip on the road, and the body of the vehicle to glide along relatively undisturbed over uneven driving surfaces. This allows better traction and stability in driving and a safer level of steering control. The Cadillac coil springs help to stabilize the vehicle during cornering and braking as well, controlling the shifting of vehicle weight as these maneuvers are performed. The hard work and abuse from rough roads are hard on the Cadillac coil springs, causing a gradual decline in their ability to perform their function, making periodic replacement necessary. We carry a selection of quality replacement Cadillac coil springs in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering safe and easy or our toll-free phone line can take your Cadillac coil springs order just as conveniently.