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Cadillac Corner Light

Auto lights are among the most important and essential parts in your vehicle. Their functions range from enhancing your vehicle's style to illuminating the road for you to drive by, keeping your auto visible as it moves down the road and signaling a stop or turn among many others. But more importantly, auto lights are installed in your car for your safety. Driving without lights especially when it's dark is like committing suicide. You are submitting yourself to great danger.

Luxury cars such as Cadillac usually come fully equipped with different kinds of lights, including reflectors. Auxiliary lights, that is, those light that did not come as standard to most vehicles when they are brought out from the dealer, may not significantly contribute to your car's over-all performance, but they enhance your car's visibility, too and thus, your safety. There are also multi-function lights. Among these lights are your Cadillac corner lights.

Your Cadillac corner lights are mounted in front at the side of the fender. They combine functions of side marker lights and turn signal lights. Corner lights improves your car's safety as they warn the vehicle or the driver in front that you are about to turn and move to his direction. When you put on the turn signals, they also turn on. However, some corner lights are running lights, they light up as long as your engine is running. Cadillac corner lights also keep the side profile of your vehicle visible to other drivers like your side markers.

Adding corner lights to your old Cadillac cars is also a great way of customizing it. There are different designs of auto lights available now in the market, including corner lights for your luxurious Cadillac auto. It doesn't matter when you are driving an old model, you can keep it in sync with the latest cars in the market by installing customized parts, accessories and newly designed lights such as Cadillac corner lights.

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