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Cadillac Cylinder Head Gasket

Within the engine of your Cadillac are several different types of fluid that must be kept separate, in order for the fluids to do their jobs properly. One of the many seals within the engine that helps to keep the fluids apart is the Cadillac head gasket. It sits at the top of the engine, between the engine block and the cylinder heads. The Cadillac head gasket keeps the coolant and oil separate from each other, and it keeps the cylinders sealed for the proper compression of the fuel. After several years, as the Cadillac head gasket starts to break down, you may notice a decline in the performance of the engine. Because the proper compression can no longer be maintained, the fuel does not burn completely. When the Cadillac head gasket can no longer keep the oil and the coolant separate, the fluids will mix. The resulting milky-brown substance does not cool the engine well, nor does it protect the engine against friction efficiently. When it becomes time to replace your Cadillac head gasket, you will find the required version for most vehicles in our vast online catalog, for a great price. It is manufactured to meet the same specifications as the original gasket, often even outperforming it. Installing the Cadillac head gasket is not an easy job and it will require many hours of work that can be very complicated. It will save large amount of money that would have otherwise been devoted to labor costs, however, so you may want to invest the time. If it is your first time installing a Cadillac head gasket, you may want to consider making the relatively small investment in one of the excellent repair manuals that we carry to guide you smoothly through the process. To order the Cadillac head gasket for your vehicle, call our sales department, toll-free, or complete the process on our secure web site.