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Cadillac Fan Blade

The Cadillac fan blade helps to keep the engine of your vehicle functioning properly, aiding in the control of engine temperature. The cooling system of the vehicle requires a constant flow of cool air to maintain a safe engine operating temperature. The cooling process depends upon the circulation of a liquid coolant through the engine to absorb some of the heat it produces, lowering the engine temperature. After the liquid passes through the engine, it has become quite hot, carrying the heat it has collected from the metal surfaces of the engine. To continue to cool the engine efficiently the temperature of the coolant liquid must be reduced. This is done by the vehicle radiator, which uses a flow of cool air to dissipate the heat of the liquid as it winds its way through the cooling cores of the radiator. The motion of the vehicle generates this airflow as it travels at a normal driving speed, coming in through the grille to pass through the radiator, or when the vehicle is moving at a slow pace or is at an idle, the Cadillac fan blade will rotate to pull cool air in through the radiator to dissipate the heat. The Cadillac fan blade is often powered by an electric motor, switching on only when its flow of air becomes necessary for engine power. Some vehicles use a pulley connected to the engine to power the Cadillac fan blade, with the assistance of a belt to transmit the power of the engine to the Cadillac fan blade. We carry a selection of quality Cadillac fan blade replacements in our online catalog at great low prices. Ordering your Cadillac fan blade will be convenient and safe, whether you use our secure site or choose to place your order via our toll-free telephone number.