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Cadillac Fender

Cadillac Fender When it comes to high-quality engineering with a remarkable track record in producing luxury vehicles with a hint of good old American automobile heritage, nothing comes close to the Cadillac. Through the years of its existence it has earned tons of acclamations and accolades. Even its classic vehicles are still admired today with so many collectors having Cadillac's as their pride and joy. Cadillac engineers make sure that every aspect and component of their vehicles are up and beyond the standards. Every Cadillac vehicle is known for its excellence and reliability. You don't only get a high performance luxury vehicle; you also get the prestige and distinction of owning a Cadillac.

One of the parts that get the Cadillac dedication to superiority is the Cadillac fender. The Cadillac fender is provided with the Cadillac advantage and is a great add-on to their distinct style and design. They complement the designs of the Cadillac vehicle and serve a purpose in protecting the shell or body of the vehicle. A Cadillac fender is an important component and part of the vehicle as a whole.

A Cadillac fender is a vehicles element that is usually located above the vehicles wheels. They are there to provide protection from the road debris, dirt and grime that may be scooped up to the vehicles body which if left unnoticed may cause nicks and damages to a vehicle's paint job. Many fenders can be found in the market, differences come in the shape, sizes, makes and finishes. Custom fenders can usually be found on trucks and SUV's. Fender flares provide a tougher and sportier look. They offer more protection because they protrude in a certain amount from the body sporting a wider coverage. Fenders have become a common knowledge with a phrase such as "fender bender" when referring to a collision. This is because they take the brunt of the force when a vehicles rear or front end is involved in a collision.

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