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Cadillac Headers

How well the engine of your Cadillac performs, depends on how much air and fuel comes into the engine, the strength and timing of the spark, and how easily the exhaust can flow out of the engine. The first pipes the exhaust enters, as it exits the combustion chambers, are the Cadillac headers. They take the exhaust from each of the cylinders and combine it into one volume of exhaust gas, before sending it to the rest of the exhaust system. If the Cadillac headers present any obstruction to the flow of exhaust, they force the rest of the system to perform inefficiently and they will rob the engine of fuel mileage and horsepower. Fortunately, the standard Cadillac headers are well designed to handle the needs of the stock engine, but if you would like to increase the performance of your vehicle, they are an easy and cost-effective place to start. For many models, our online catalog has upgraded versions of the Cadillac headers available, and at a great price. They are designed from the beginning to provide the maximum amount of airflow, and when the engine does not have to work to push the exhaust out, it is free to devote that energy, or horsepower, to other uses. Our Cadillac headers come in several finishes, ranging from the stock flat finish to a mirror-polished stainless steel. They are designed to resist the effects of corrosion, and can be counted on to look great while performing well for years to come. When you are ready to place the order for your new Cadillac headers, the process can be done by telephone, toll-free, or via our secure web site.

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