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Cadillac Hood

Cadillac is a car brand that has been famous for its high level of luxury and superior quality. All Cadillac parts, from interior to exterior parts are crafted to sport not just durability but a touch of elegance as well. Cadillac's exterior parts are those that are located in the outer part of the vehicle. Being the first parts that we see when we take a look at a vehicle, these parts typically affect the visual information of your Cadillac. And these include Cadillac hood.

Vehicle hood is generally defined as a hinged body panel that covers up the entire engine. It can also be considered as another door of a vehicle since it serves as the entry point to have access to your car's engine. And just like other vehicle door, the hood features an outer and an inner panel. The strength of the hood comes from the inner panel. This portion contains braces crisscrossing in its underbelly to provide the hood with the needed strength and rigidity. The outer panel is a mere metal cover that protects the engine from the rain and other foreign elements that might be harmful to the engine. Usually, the underside portion of the hood holds a sound-absorbing stuff that makes the noise and roar produced by the engine minimal to the outside.

Cadillac hoods vary depending on the kind of vehicle into which they will be installed. In the U.K., the hood is popularly called Bonnet. During the simpler era, the hoods are mounted for the mere purpose of protecting the engine. But with the arrival of many car accessories, hood also became a subject for customization and a mantelpiece of self-expression for most car owners. Accessories for Cadillac hoods are not only crafted for aesthetic purposes; they are also very functional.

Whenever you need a replacement or a customized Cadillac hood, the automotive industry offers you wide array of choices. They come in various specifications so you can surely find the hood that will perfectly fit your Cadillac model. Moreover, Cadillac hoods are well designed to match Cadillac's sophistication and to give the fascia of your car a new definition.