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Cadillac Oil Filter

The internal parts of your Cadillac engine are extremely vulnerable to the forces of friction, which is why it has the oil system to keep it constantly lubricated. Often, the oil you put in your vehicle will have impurities, and it will gain impurities as it is poured in, but the Cadillac oil filter is there to protect your engine. If these particles were allowed to pass, they would cause serious and expensive damage to the engine, by grinding down the delicate inner workings. As with any filter, however, the Cadillac oil filter will eventually gather so many particles that it will not be able to pass the oil through efficiently. Normally, the Cadillac oil filter and the oil are changed every three months or 3,000 miles. Instead of bringing your vehicle to the local shop to do the oil change, you can do it yourself and save a significant amount of money. It is easy to drain the oil and change the filter, and the process begins by removing the plug on the oil pan. Drain the oil into an approved container for recycling, and remove the old Cadillac oil filter with a filter wrench. Before installing the new Cadillac oil filter, lubricate the gasket with a liberal amount of clean oil. Install the unit and fill the vehicle with the proper amount fresh oil. Our online catalog will have the perfect Cadillac oil filter for most vehicles at a great price. To order the Cadillac oil filter for your vehicle, you can call our sales department, toll-free, or you may complete the process on our web site, using our secure online ordering system.

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