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Cadillac Oil Pan

To keep the engine of your Cadillac running smoothly and to increase its longevity, large amounts of oil are used to lubricate the sensitive internal components of the engine. The hardest point in the cycle of the engine is the first start of the day, because all of the oil is down in the Cadillac oil pan, where it cannot protect from the dangerous forces of friction. When you start the engine, the oil is pumped up from the Cadillac oil pan and into the engine area by the oil pump. After the engine has been running for a few minutes, it is fully protected. At the end of the day, when you park the vehicle for the night, the oil will start draining back down into the Cadillac oil pan, to start the process all over again. Between the engine and the Cadillac oil pan is a rubber seal that keeps the oil inside the engine. After several years, this gasket will begin to leak and it will have to be replaced. In our online catalog, you will find the correct gasket for your vehicle, at a great price. While replacing the gasket, you should inspect the Cadillac oil pan for any signs of damage, such as corrosion or cracks from a physical impact. If the unit is in bad condition, it should be either repaired or replaced. When a new Cadillac oil pan is needed, you will find that we carry the correct version for most models, at much less than the dealership's price. Visit our web site to order the Cadillac oil pan, or you may order over the phone, toll-free, if you prefer.