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Cadillac Performance Pulleys

There is one performance upgrade many people may not think about when they are trying to get every last bit of horsepower out of a Cadillac engine. When the engine is running, the accessories, such as the power steering pump and water pump, steal power away from the engine, but you can get some of that power back with a Cadillac performance pulley kit. Our online catalog will have the proper kit for many performance models, and it is available at a very good price. By replacing each standard pulley with a new Cadillac performance pulley, the rotation rounds per minute are slowed down to just what the accessory needs to perform its duties, rather than running excessively fast as most stock pulleys do. It does this by adjusting the outer diameter of the part compared to the stock unit. With the full Cadillac performance pulley set installed, it can give you in excess of ten horsepower. It the original parts were all steel, the performance gains can be even more. For some vehicles, we offer the aluminum Cadillac performance pulley kit, which is much lighter than its steel counterpart is. By reducing the weight of the vehicle, the engine needs less power to get to the same speed. Installing the Cadillac performance pulley kit may take some time, because the old parts can be notoriously hard to remove. You may need to make use of an air wrench, to obtain the needed amount of torque. To order the correct Cadillac performance pulley set for your vehicle, visit our web site, to use our secure online ordering system, or place your order to our sales department by phone, toll-free.