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Cadillac Power Steering Hose

When you turn the steering wheel of your Cadillac, the power steering system makes the process much easier on the arms. This system relies on hydraulic pressure, and the pressure is transferred from the power steering motor to the steering rack through the Cadillac power steering hose. Because the system operates under a high amount of pressure, the Cadillac power steering hose must be in good condition and made of adequately strong enough materials to handle the pressure. Typically, it is made from rubber, as it needs to be flexible. Over a period of many years, the rubber will begin to decay from a combination of normal ageing, stress from the hydraulic pressure, and stress from the heat and chemicals from the engine while it is running. When the Cadillac power steering hose in your vehicle needs to be replaced, you will find the correct version for most models in our large online catalog, typically for much less than what the dealership would charge for a replacement. Our replacement is made to the same high quality standards and can be depended upon to provide equal or even better service. Installing the Cadillac power steering hose is as simple as swapping the old part with the new part, because it is designed to be an exact match for the original part. After the process is completed, it will be necessary to bleed the system for proper operation, which removes all of the air out of the Cadillac power steering hose. With the cap off the power steering reservoir and the engine running, repeatedly turn the tires to the extremes, until the fluid in the reservoir stops bubbling and the pump stops squealing. The Cadillac power steering hose can easily be ordered by phone, toll-free, or through our web site.