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Cadillac Power Steering Pump

When the engine is running in your Cadillac and you turn the wheels, it takes little of your own force to accomplish. If the engine stalls or breaks down, however, the Cadillac power steering pump will no longer receive any power, and the force you need to contribute to the turning of the tires will be greatly multiplied. This part is in the engine compartment, and receives power from the engine through a belt and a set of pulleys. When it has power, the Cadillac power steering pump pressurizes hydraulic fluid and sends it to the steering system through hoses, where the power is used to multiply the force of the driver on the steering wheel. The Cadillac power steering pump also acts as a reservoir for the power steering fluid. If the power steering system seems to have lost power, the level of the power steering fluid should be checked. On the Cadillac power steering pump is a small cap, simply open that, and with the dipstick on the cap, ensure that the level is proper. If the tires squeal, there may be air in the system, which will require it to be bled. With the engine running, and the cap off the Cadillac power steering pump, turn the wheels to the extremes, until the fluid stops bubbling. If problems still remain in the system, it is possible that the Cadillac power steering pump is nearing failure. After many years, the seals that hold the pressure within the unit may start to leak, and when the damage becomes too severe, the entire unit will have to be replaced. You will find the correct version of the Cadillac power steering pump in our large online catalog for most models, at a very low price. The appropriate Cadillac power steering pump can be ordered from our secure web site or by phone, toll-free.