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Cadillac Roof Rack

If your vehicle was not originally equipped with one from the factory, it is relatively simple to add a Cadillac roof rack, which can make those times that you need to carry more cargo than you usually do or something of a size that is not convenient for your cargo area, such as skis, snowboards, surfboards, or other unwieldy sports equipment, much easier to deal with. In our online catalog, you will find an appropriate system for many Cadillac models, and it is available at a great price. Our Cadillac roof rack is made of lightweight metal and plastic, and it has a finish that is resistant to corrosion. It comes in a standard black color that will look great on any vehicle, and it will look similar to the factory-installed units. Easily adjustable crossbars allow the Cadillac roof rack to carry almost any type of cargo, and they allow the cargo to be secured properly. The kit includes all of the hardware necessary to install the unit, as well as a full set of instructions to guide you through the process. When the instructions are followed correctly, the unit will be easy to mount and it will have a leak-free seal. For some vehicles, we also offer a version of the Cadillac roof rack that mounts without any modifications to the vehicle, using a set of ratchet straps. This type is useful when you want to maintain the original look of the vehicle, and only need to carry a small amount of cargo, once in a while. When you are ready to order the Cadillac roof rack, the process can be completed by phone, with a toll-free call, or through our secure web site.