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Cadillac Soft Top

On a hot and sunny day, there are few things more pleasurable than to be able to lower the top on your Cadillac and take a four-hour trip into the country for no reason at all. The Cadillac soft top is a fun, albeit expensive, accessory on any model that has it available. After many years, however, the joy of the open air may fade, as you begin to find a wet seat every morning after it rains. If your Cadillac soft top has developed enough leaks that it is worth the replacement costs, do not bring it to the dealership to pay their high prices. Instead, visit our large online catalog, where you will find the same quality Cadillac soft top for a much lower price. Our Cadillac soft top is made of high quality materials, with expertly sewn seams, featuring sturdy stitching sure to hold securely. The entire unit is guaranteed waterproof for many years. Because our Cadillac soft top meets all of the specifications of the original unit, it will be a direct replacement and an easy installation. Simply remove the old, leaky cover, and replace it with the new Cadillac soft top, as per the included instructions. Our Cadillac soft top will perform to your highest expectations for many years, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. In addition to the Cadillac soft top, our online catalog has many other replacement parts for your vehicle, as well as a full line of performance parts and accessories. To order the Cadillac soft top, or any of our other products, visit our secure web site at any time of the day, or place your order by phone, toll-free.

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