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Cadillac Strut Bar

Almost every Cadillac has a very soft suspension from the factory, which is good for a comfortable ride while cruising, but it does not offer the greatest amount of control at high speeds. Stiffening up the suspension can help gain more control over the vehicle, and one way to do this is with the Cadillac strut bar. During normal driving, the struts are allowed to flex and move side to side individually, which will increase the amount of body roll as you turn, and contribute to a reduced amount of control during normal driving. The Cadillac strut bar is a simple structure that bolts to the top of the strut towers, linking the struts together permanently. As you turn a corner with the Cadillac strut bar installed, some of the energy from the strut that must move the most will be transferred to the strut that moves the least. This keeps the body from moving as much as it used to, and keeps the tires on the ground better. The Cadillac strut bar is made from lightweight, very strong steel, and it has a corrosion resistant finish. It will not take very long to install the Cadillac strut bar and the process requires only a few tools. All of the hardware required to complete the installation is included, as well as instructions that will guide you through the process. The Cadillac strut bar is available from our online catalog for a great price, and it can be easily ordered from our secure web site, but if ordering by telephone is more convenient, you are welcome to make use of our toll-free number.