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Cadillac Thermostat

If the cooling system in your Cadillac is not working properly, serious damage could occur to the engine from the excessive heat, such as melted seals and warped metal components. One of the critical components in this system is the Cadillac thermostat, which regulates the temperature of the engine. When the engine is cold, it stays closed, not allowing the coolant to flow until the engine warms up to operating temperature. When the engine is cold, the oil is thick and hard to get it out of the oil pan, and it does not protect the engine as well. The Cadillac thermostat ensures the oil warms quickly, so that it gets to the engine fast and protects it fully during operation. When the engine is warm enough, the Cadillac thermostat opens, allowing the coolant to flow into the engine to absorb heat. The coolant then is pumped into the radiator, where it is cooled by air pulled over the radiator with the force of the cooling fan. If your vehicle is overheating, or taking a long time to reach operating temperature, it may be a sign that the Cadillac thermostat has become stuck in one position. It will need to be replaced, and you will find the proper part to fit most models in our online catalog, at a price that is much lower than what other retailers charge. Our Cadillac thermostat is made to meet all of the specifications of the original unit and it has the required gasket included in the package. To order the Cadillac thermostat, visit our secure web site, or complete the process with a toll-free call to our sales department.