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Cadillac Tie Rod END

For your safety and for the proper operation of your Cadillac, all components of the steering system must be in good condition. The final link from the steering rack to the tire is the Cadillac tie rod. At each end of this part is a ball joint, and it also features a threaded adjustment to ensure that the tires arte properly aligned. When the steering wheel is turned, it drives a gear to move the steering rack laterally, and then the Cadillac tie rod transfers the motion to the tire. There is a large amount of force required to turn the tires of a vehicle, and therefore, the Cadillac tie rod is subjected to a large amount of friction. In order to prevent damage to the metal surfaces of the ball joints, they must have the proper amount of lubrication. On some vehicles, the joints of the Cadillac tie rod are sealed systems, and no lubricant can be added. On other vehicles, however, the ball joints will feature grease fittings, and to reduce friction, they should be lubricated about twice a year. Eventually even fully lubricated joints on the Cadillac tie rod will fail, and the entire unit will have to be replaced, in order to maintain safe operation of the vehicle. Our online catalog will have the correct replacement Cadillac tie rod for most vehicles, and it will cost much less than a similar part from the dealership. Our Cadillac tie rod can be easily ordered from our web site, using our secure online ordering process, or by phone, with a call to our sales department at any time, and our quick shipping ensures that it will arrive soon.