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Cadillac Wheel Bearing

In order for each wheel of your Cadillac to roll freely, there must be as little friction as possible. The Cadillac wheel bearing is responsible for reducing the amount of friction. It is actually a collection of roller bearings housed in a race. This allows the wheel to spin on the Cadillac wheel bearing and the bearing to spin in its housing, further reducing the friction. The unit receives its lubrication directly from the axle, so there is no need to check its lubrication level separately. Because the entire weight of the vehicle must roll on the small stature of the Cadillac wheel bearing, this part is subjected to a large amount of friction. Eventually the part will fail, which may result in a grinding sound or a vibration. To make sure that it is, in fact, the Cadillac wheel bearing, jack the vehicle up enough for the tire to leave the ground, and support it on a jack stand for safety. Grasp the tire at opposite sides, and try to rock the tire in opposite directions, back and forth with your hands. If the tire moves, then the Cadillac wheel bearing must be replaced. Within the pages of our online catalog, you will find the correct version for your vehicle, at a price that is very low. Our Cadillac wheel bearing meets all of the standards of the original unit, and it is sure to perform just as long, barring, of course, direct physical damage from an accident. When you are ready to order the correct Cadillac wheel bearing for your vehicle, the process can be completed by phone, toll-free, or by visiting our convenient and secure web site at any time.