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Cadillac Window Motor

The Cadillac window motor is one of the main components in the power window assembly, giving power to the window regulator to enable it to raise and lower the window glass with the touch of a button. The Cadillac window motor is a small electric motor, attached to the window regulator and positioned inside the vehicle door behind the door panel. This durable component faithfully does its job for years if it is protected from moisture and the elements. However, if moisture is able to seep into the door panel corrosion can make things difficult for the Cadillac window motor. If the window regulator becomes corroded from moisture contamination, it can become harder to operate, causing it to stick and require more force to make it move. This can make the Cadillac window motor work harder than should be necessary, causing excess heat and wear on its parts. Eventually such a situation can cause the Cadillac window motor to overheat and fail. The malfunction of the Cadillac window motor can create quite a hassle, as the window glass will remain fixed in the position it was in when the Cadillac window motor failed, unable to open or close without its function. Both situations can be rather inconvenient, whether you are unable to open your window for air or to pay your toll on the highway, or cannot shut out the wet weather and cold gusts of wind as you drive. Our online catalog features a selection of quality Cadillac window motor replacements at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering safe and easy or our toll-free phone line can take your Cadillac window motor order just as conveniently.

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