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Pontiac Air Deflector

With the sporty nature of many Pontiacs, it is not a huge surprise that quite often the windshield becomes covered in unfortunate insects and stray dirt. Fortunately, there is a smartly engineered accessory, the Pontiac air deflector, designed specifically to keep your windshield clean with a good deal less effort on your part, and its inexpensive price makes it a smart addition to any vehicle. The job of the Pontiac air deflector is to redirect the air flowing into your windshield, sending it, instead, over the top of the vehicle. As the air flows in its new pattern, the insects and dirt that would normally cause a dirty mess are carried conveniently away from the window. A Pontiac air deflector will also help you remain safer in bad weather, because the rain and snow will be less likely to be deposited in the path of your vision. As practical as the Pontiac air deflector is, it does not at all detract from the look of your vehicle. With its dark black color, contours that match the shape of the hood, and sleek appearance, it will add a little bit of visual appeal to your vehicle, as well as protect it. Many types can be custom painted to match vehicle color, if desired. Installation of the Pontiac air deflector is very easy, because all of the hardware required is included in the box, as well as a full set of instructions, sure to guide you through the simple process successfully. The installation typically takes less than an hour to complete, and requires no drilling or other modifications. Order your practical and attractive Pontiac air deflector today, either online or by toll-free telephone number, and our quick order processing will soon have it on its way.