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Pontiac Air Filter

If your vehicle cannot get past a gas station without stopping for fuel lately, perhaps your Pontiac air filter has seen better days. A poorly maintained Pontiac air filter can cause a marked decrease in fuel efficiency, making your engine work harder and consume more fuel than it should. A good supply of oxygen is vital to efficient combustion within the engine. An excess of dirt or other contamination built up in the Pontiac air filter can decrease the flow of air to the engine, choking off the supply of oxygen it requires. The lack of sufficient oxygen provided to the engine can cause a loss of power, and force the engine to run at a temperature that is higher than normal as it works harder to operate. The purpose of the Pontiac air filter is to provide a clean flow of air to the engine, removing dust and dirt from the stream of air as it enters, preventing it from reaching the engine, potentially causing abrasion and damage to vital engine parts. However, as the Pontiac air filter does its job, collecting the debris from the air, its surface area gradually becomes covered, slowly reducing the amount of air that is allowed to pass through. If not changed promptly, this build up of contamination will clog the Pontiac air filter and make it unable to perform well, allowing some of that dust and dirt to reach the engine, and obstructing airflow. We carry a selection of the Pontiac air filter in our user-friendly online catalog at great low prices. Ordering is always convenient and safe, as we offer two ways to place your order, either online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.