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Pontiac Bonneville Windshield Wiper Motor

Pontiac Bonneville Windshield Wiper Motor Problems and Their Causes

Rainy days are no problem with your Pontiac Bonneville windshield wiper motor running the wipers of your vehicle. If a malfunction occurs with this part, expect low visibility and a lot of hassle during harsh weather. So what are some of the problems affecting wipers motors and what are their causes? Read on to find out.

The Bonneville windshield wipers do not move at all.

If there is no movement from the windshield wiper motor after activating the wipers, chances are, no electricity if flowing to the motors. Mostly, this is the result of a burned fuse and is easily fixed by replacing it with a new one. A more complex issue is a damaged or grounded wire, which may take a significant amount of time and effort to locate.

Some wiper modes do not seem to work on the Bonneville.

This is a weird problem that usually affects wiper motors. Putting the wiper in one mode will activate the motor while putting the wipers in another mode will not. For example, the wipers will work as normal when set to low but will then cease functioning when set to high. Problems like these are usually caused by malfunctioning electrical circuitry, usually a broken circuit board or switch. Fixing the problem may be too hard and complex for many and an easy fix would be to replace the appropriate components instead.

The wipers of the Bonneville move slowly or even barely move at all.

This problems can be caused by a faulty electrical system caused by damaged wires or a worn out motor relay. Replacing the components with a new one will usually do the trick. Other times, it is the mechanical components of the wiper motor itself that are failing. At best, the joints and moving parts of the motor can be lubricated to allow them easy movement. At worst, the whole motor may have to be replaced. Slow movements may also be cause by solid objects that have managed to jam themselves into the motor or any other moving part of the wiper. Taking out the offending object iwill do the trick in this case.

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  • Maintaining Your Pontiac Bonneville Windshield Wiper Motor

    The Wiper motor is what propels the wiper blades, allowing them to clean your windshield and remove any excess moisture. Eventually, the motor may bog down and stop working entirely, leaving you to fend for yourself against the harsh elements. Fortunately, this won't have to happen if you maintain your wiper motor. Read on to find out how you can keep your Pontiac Bonneville windshield wiper motor in tip top shape.

    • Clean and lubricate the moving parts of the motor when the motors seems to slow down.
    • Dirt and other debris can get inside the wiper motor, building up to a point that it hampers or completely halts the wiper operation. The lubrication on the motor, needed to ensure the motor's smooth operation, may wear thin, resulting in the same subpar motor operation. When this happens, you will need to remove the motor, take it apart and clean the whole thing. When you're done, lubricate all the parts before reassembling them and you'll have the wiper working almost as good as new.
    • Inspect the electrical connections of the motor.
    • The electrical system of the Bonneville controls the movement of the motor. Be sure to inspect all wires, relays and fuses that are involved in the wiper motor operation and replace any broken component.
    • If an object gets in the way of the motor operation, remove it immediately.
    • Sometimes, objects like a tree branch, a piece of trash or other debris may get stuck in the wiper assembly and prevent it from moving. If this happens, don't turn on your wipers or you might break the wiper assembly, along with the motor. Be sure to clear out any objects to ensure smooth windshield wiper operation.
    • If all else fails, just replace your Pontiac Bonneville windshield wiper motor.
    • Sometimes, wiper motors may reach a point where they are beyond saving with any reasonable repair. If it costs too much of your money, time and effort to fix, try buying a replacement windshield motor instead. Wiper motors are relatively cheap, so take advantage of this fact.