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Pontiac Bumper

For the last eight decades, Pontiac has been producing top quality vehicles that are specifically intended to compete as a mid-level brand incorporating a sportier, performance driven feel at a reasonable cost for a younger market. As part of the leading automotive manufacturer, the Pontiac was created in 1926, as a cheaper version of the Oakland Motor Car line. For the next period of years, Pontiac has made remarkable vehicles with powerful engine.

Some notable models such as the Pontiac Bonneville or also known as the performance vehicle at a cheaper price has conquered the market share of its more expensive counterparts: the Oldsmobile and the Buick. The infamous Pontiac GTO that was first introduced in 1964 with 389ci V8 Tri-Power setup with three two-barrel carburetors has become one of the most popular muscle car in the history. It was also one of the best selling performance vehicles at that time. The Pontiac Firebird entered strong in the market three years after the GTO. The Sunbird of 1982 was dubbed as the GM's smallest American-built car. It shared chassis and powertrains with the Chevrolet Cavalier. Together, they were Canada and the U.S.'s top sellers for the better part of two decades.

With the driving power of each Pontiac engine comes the strength and beauty of the exterior parts that complement each other to give every Pontiac its total image. Part of this body is the Pontiac bumper that's usually made of heavy sheet metal and located or attached to the front and rear of the vehicle. It serves as the primary or the first line of defense in case of collision. It also serves as an aesthetic. Early Pontiac bumper designs, particularly front bumpers, are shaped and curved to withstand low speed impact leaving the passengers safe. The front bumper and rear bumper are mounted on the Pontiac's chassis to allow certain force to be absorbed by an impact absorber decreasing the force of the impact into a tolerable state.

Modern bumpers are made from plastic and synthetic fiber that acts almost in an exact manner as the bumpers made from sheet metals. Plastic bumpers are also mode advantageous to the vehicles for it is easier to mold giving the designer a wider array of designs. It is also lighter and easier to attach and to replace thus making it more convenient to Pontiac enthusiast to change designs.