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Pontiac Firebird Fog Lights

Three Possible Pontiac Firebird Fog Lights Issues

Your Pontiac Firebird fog lights increases your visibility of the road. Fog lights diffuse the light reflection from the headlights, so you won't be blinded by a flash of light ahead of you. Sometimes headlights refuse to work. The following could help you troubleshoot the problems that you may have with your vehicle's fog lights:

Cloudy fog lenses

Fog lights are positioned at an angle to give better illumination of the road. Because of their position, fog lights become hazy over time due to different environmental elements. The sun's glare, road grit, and rain residue could make fog lights less efficient in lighting the road ahead. You might notice a decrease in the light's brightness because of the fading or dirt accumulation on the fog light lenses. Although these things will inevitably happen, you can foil early deterioration of the light lenses by cleaning them regularly. Scrape off dirt buildup and buff out the lenses with a car polish to make your fog light assembly look good as new.

One of the fog lights does not work

When one of the fog lights does not work, the first thing that you verify is whether there is a busted bulb inside the assembly. Used-up bulbs usually have broken filaments or corroded bases. This requires a bulb replacement, which is a very easy job to accomplish even to a novice. When replacing bulbs, make sure that you get a replacement that has the same wattage as the stock ones. Moreover, it's best to change both fog light bulbs at the same time to save you time and prevent inconveniences in the future.

Both fog lights are out

Fog lights that refuse to turn on could be due to a problem within the circuits. Once you've ruled out that this is not a burnt-out bulb problem, you need to check if there is electricity going to the fuse. A voltmeter can help you determine whether the fuse is receiving enough electricity from the battery. If it doesn't, you need to check the fuse for damage and have it replaced as needed.

Sometimes the problem could be on the fog light switch. Use the voltmeter again to test if electricity is flowing through the switch's wiring. If you see no problem on all the wirings in the assembly, the problem may be with the unit itself. Replace the fog light assembly with a high-quality one.

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