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Dodge Grand Caravan Bumper Covers

Troubleshooting Tips for Dodge Grand Caravan Bumper Covers

Dodge Grand Caravan's bumper covers are meant to protect your vehicle from dents and damage. They are typically made from tough steel or durable plastic to ensure that they can withstand incredible forces. But what happens when your bumper cover becomes a problem rather than a protective accessory? Over time, your bumper cover may develop cracks or rust due to the damaging elements that it is exposed to. Here's our unsolicited advice on diagnosing the common problems that you might encounter with your bumper cover:

Cracked bumper cover

This is a common bumper cover problem, and the factors that could cause it to crack or break are pretty obvious. Since the bumper cover is exposed to all kinds of weather and all types of road debris, then expect that at one point, it will eventually give in to wear and tear. So if you notice a huge crack that might cause the bumper cover to be unstable, repair or replace the damage part immediately to ensure that it won't fall off while you are on the road.

Clinking noise

If lately you've been hearing a weird, metallic clunking sound on the front-end of your vehicle, might as well check if there are any loose bolts in the bumper cover. Since it is usually held into place by bolts and screws only, chances are, they would become loose as the mounting hardware succumb to premature wear. Tighten loose bolts with a wrench and replace the worn-out parts to ensure that the bumper cover is secured.

Paint flaking

If you have a primered bumper cover-chrome, black, or colored-then expect the paint to flake after a couple of years. Paint flaking is usually due to the varied weather conditions that could cause the paint to tarnish and to flake. When this happens, you could either repaint your bumper cover or replace it with a new one. Repainting it is an easy task; all you need is to clean it first and sand it up. Afterwards, you can apply the primer coat and sand it again for the finishing touches. When the surface is already smooth, you can now paint the basecoat and the new paint.

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  • Maintaining your Dodge Grand Caravan Bumper Covers--The Easy Way

    Your Dodge Grand Caravan bumper cover is designed to withstand any kind of road debris and even head-on collisions. Clearly, it is built with durable materials to protect the bumper and the components that are behind it. Equipping your Dodge with this kind of protection gives you more security and confidence while driving. However, what would protect the bumper cover from damage? The answer clearly points to you. Since you are the one behind the wheel that this accessory protects, it is your responsibility to keep it from getting damaged. Here are some tips on how you can protect your trusty bumper cover:

    Keep it clean.

    If you have a bumper cover made from stainless steel, then cleaning it won't be a hassle. Just take time to clean it when you wash your car so that rust will not build up on it. Same goes when you have a plastic or fiberglass bumper cover; it is also easy to clean. Check its corners for dust or dirt buildup and clean it using a mild cleanser and a non-abrasive cloth.

    Check for loose bolts.

    Some bumper covers offer an easy, bolt-on installation that does not even require special tools. If you sense any clunking sound coming from your car's bumper, might as well check the bumper cover for loose bolts and tighten them. This will keep it from falling off while you are driving, and it also keeps you secured from collisions since it will be able to do its job efficiently.

    Paint it with rust-proofing.

    For steel-made bumper covers, your number one enemy will always be corrosion. And since the bumper cover is ultimately exposed to all weather conditions, it is best to do preventive maintenance by rust-proofing it. You can use a primer paint to keep it rust-free or a good rust-proofing spray. These are both affordable and they would make your bumper cover last for more than its usual service life.

    To ensure that your bumper cover will be able to protect you, make sure that it is always in its best condition. If it has any dangling or broken part, then you should repair it immediately. For plastic bumper covers, you can use adhesives to mend the broken parts together.