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Dodge Neon Strut Mount

How to Spot Dodge Neon Strut Mount Trouble

A sandwich inside your Neon? The filling must be none other than your Dodge Neon strut mount, which is just between the strut and body of your car. Apparently, this sandwich is not edible, but it is just as important as a snack is. If not for your car's strut mount, you would have to deal with unpleasant shakes, vibrations, and noises whenever you drive, especially over bumps. So if you want to fully savor the goodness of your car's mounts, you should be able to spot and stop strut mount trouble when you see it. Below are some clues:

Noise-filled driving

Thanks to your well-functioning strut mount, you are able to enjoy smooth drives minus any annoying noise. So when your drive starts to come with a clunking sound and your steering becomes paired with some distracting noise, it simply has got to be a failing strut mount. This may be due to wear or dryness on the mount's rubber material, and as such, the only way to fully get back your noiseless driving is to replace your Dodge Neon strut mount. If you want a temporary but quick and cheap fix, though, just take away the strut mount isolators for a while and apply a dab of graphite-based grease on them.

Deteriorating tires

Another strut mount trouble that you can detect while driving is tire deterioration-either the tires are misaligned or worn, or in worse conditions, they could be both. If you observe reduced drivability of your Neon, specifically a problem in the tires, park your car in a safe area first and make a quick inspection. Raise your vehicle using a jack and a jack stand and check the tires. Wear and misalignment can be easily detected by visual inspection.

Problematic suspension and steering

A worn strut mount can also loosen or stiffen the suspension or steering of your Neon. To check, lift your vehicle by a few inches, letting one of the ends hang freely. Then using a long bar, lift one of the wheels. Observe the strut mount or have someone feel it while you do the lifting. If you observe either looseness or too much stiffness in the process, then your Dodge Neon strut mount is positive of defect, and this calls for immediate replacement.

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  • How to Keep a Good Dodge Neon Strut Mount On

    Squeaks, rattles, and vibrations-these three are only acceptable if you're riding on a snake's back. Apparently, that's quite impossible-riding on the snake's back, that is. But having a faulty Dodge Neon strut mount on your car can give you that noisily shaky ride just the same. If you don't want that, you have to make sure your mounts are in top condition. Good thing that's just as easy as the steps below:

    Pay attention to your strut mount.

    Some car owners routinely perform check-ups on their car, thoroughly inspecting the main car components. But those parts under the vehicle are commonly overlooked. Unfortunately and quite obviously, the strut mount is one of those unlucky parts. So the next time you perform your regular car check-up, don't forget to slide under your Neon to inspect the strut mount. You can also remove the mounts from the front and rear ends of your vehicle so you could examine them more closely. Note that the mounts have steel castings and rubber moldings, so keep an eye out for any signs of corrosion or wear.

    Avoid damaging landscapes.

    The steel composition of your strut mount makes it prone to corrosion, especially in humid and salty environments. To keep it from inadvertent deterioration, avoid driving in sandy or salty areas as much as possible. However, if you actually live in salt belt regions, just make sure to check your strut mounts more frequently.

    Read your owner's manual.

    Although it may be an indirect preventive measure, reading your owner's manual lets you know more about your car, particularly about your strut mount. Vehicles have varying specifications for their car components, and you may find these specific details on your manual. Four-wheel drives and two-wheel drives, for example, have different strut mount problems. So, grab your car's guidebook now and know more about your Dodge Neon strut mount.

    Replace defective components.

    Deterioration is inevitable over time, and you might find yourself deciding whether you should replace or just patch up your already defective mounts. If you want to keep the optimum condition of your car, then don't think twice about replacing the parts affected by deterioration. Dodge Neon strut mount replacement wouldn't cost you over $100. In fact, the priciest one is just at $87. You can even buy a replacement for just $6! Besides, you can even buy strut mounting kits at automotive stores so that you do not only save on costs-you also have a complete package for a DIYer-friendly installation.