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Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Control Arm

Problems You May Face with Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Control Arm

Control arms are essentially what hold the wheels to the body frame of your Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. The control arm is a very important component of your vehicle's suspension system, because it allows you to maintain control while driving. Although control arms are built very, very tough, they are still not safe from wear and tear, what with all the heat, dirt, and pressure they face in every time you drive. If they are worn, you will have serious issues on steering and control. Below are some of the most common problems you may face with a Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup control arm:

Vibration in the steering

Take a test drive out on the freeway and observe the vibrations in the steering. If increasing your speed to 45 to 60 miles per hour makes the vibration more apparent, then you may have torn or bent control arms.

Shakes when applying the brakes

Another sign to know if your Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup control arm is worn is by observing shakes in your steering wheel while stepping on the brake pedal. When this happens, your car's control arm itself is most probably worn or bent, or it may also be caused by worn control arm bushings. Check the parts to know for sure. If the bushings are worn, flaking, cracking, or advanced deterioration are the surest ways to identify them.

Excessively moving wheel

Jack up the front end of the car, and place both hands on two sides of a tire and try moving the wheel. If it easily shifts along with the suspension, you may have bad control arms or control arm bushings. Check both parts to know for sure.

Abnormal tire wear

The control arm is a critical suspension component because it keeps your Dodge straight up and your wheels evenly balanced while you move up or down or over a bump. But if it is already worn, it will cause abnormal and uneven tire wear.

Cannot keep to a straight line

If you are cruising on a straight path and notice that your steering feels a bit loose and inexact, it can be attributed to bad control arm bushings. Remove the front wheels and inspect the bushings for wear. The performance of the control arms highly depends on the bushings, so if they are worn, replacing them should be done immediately to avoid further problems.

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  • What You Can Do to Keep Your Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Control Arm in Good Shape 04 March 2014

    The Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup control arm is a tough metal part. It is made with iron and sometimes aluminum too, which are very, very hard to damage. Its main functions are to keep you in control of steering, keep your pickup truck in the straight up position, and hold the wheels to the frame of your Dodge. The control arms manage the orientation of the wheels with regards to the frame and are a very essential part of the vehicle's suspension system. If you are experiencing problems with the control arms such as vibrations in the steering, shaking while braking, abnormal tire wear, or an overly moving wheel, you will have to replace the control arms or the bushings. And after getting new ones, it is important to know the following tips to help you get better mileage with them and avoid premature wear.

    • Sandblasting control arms
    • The control arms undergo a lot of weather changes where they are located; hence, they are exposed to a lot of debris, grease, mud, and other weather elements. A way to get them clear of all these is sandblasting. Make sure you do it outdoors and with proper protective equipment. Otherwise, you might develop the lung disease called silicosis. Also, instead of using sand, you can opt for other particles such as steel grit, copper slag, walnut shells, powdered abrasives, and bits of coconut shell. Doing this will prevent the control arms from being embedded with salt deposits that are present in sand, and in turn, prevent it from developing rust.
    • Powder coat control arms
    • Another way to effectively maintain the life of the control arms is powder coating. This involves preparing the control arm or pre-treating it by removing oil, grease, etc. After this, you will have to use an electrostatic gun to apply the powder coating. Next, the powder has to be cured at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes by means of a convection cure oven, an infrared cure oven, or by laser curing process.
    • Sometimes, it's all about the control arm bushings
    • As the control arms themselves are built to last a very long time, the problems associated with them almost always originate from the control arm bushings. To avoid further inconveniences or any untoward incident, you should replace the worn bushings as soon as possible.