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Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Tail Light

Culprits behind Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Tail Light Problems

With a tough truck like your Dodge Ram 1500, off-road adventures are made trouble-free and enjoyable. But since your pickup is constantly exposed to rough elements, your auto's external parts like the tail lights may soon exhibit signs of wear and tear. You see, they could get burnt out or bent out of shape. If you think your vehicle's tail lights no longer serve their function well, then better step out of your auto and do some troubleshooting. Listed below are some of the issues involved with Dodge Ram 1500 tail lights and the reasons behind them:

Tail light bulb defect

When your auto's tail lights have suddenly stopped working, the first sign to look for are burnt out bulbs. You see, the tail lights may have simply exceeded their service life, so a replacement is needed. In some other cases, a defective tail light bulb is attributed to broken filaments. In other instances, the tail light bulbs may have been installed improperly. Luckily, you can easily diagnose these mentioned defects by simply detaching the tail light's casings and inspecting for any abnormalities.

Sudden multiple light failure

If your lights fail all at once, then there is a high possibility of a blown out fuse. You can simply consult your car's manual for the location of the fuse box and the location of the tail light fuse. Detecting signs of failure or defects is done by visual inspection of a thin metal strip inside the fuse. You may use a fuse puller on the fuse panel lid to check. If you find the stock part defective, get a replacement with the same color and amperage to avoid further damage to your Dodge Ram 1500.

Faulty wiring

Another possible reason for your damaged tail lights is faulty wiring. Luckily, you can easily inspect for damaged or loose wirings visually. Aside from the wirings, don't forget to check the strength of the connections, making sure that they are not corroding or exhibiting signs of cracks.

Other troubleshooting tips

When diagnosing the tail light bulbs, be sure to wear gloves. This is to avoid exposing the bulb to your body's skin oil, which can cause more problems.

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  • Tips in Keeping Your Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Tail Lights in Top Condition

    To keep trailing drivers aware of your Dodge Ram 1500, the auto's tail lights must always be kept in its optimum condition. Your pickup truck may be tough but its parts will still show signs of aging and may eventually lead to several sorts of costly repairs and replacement. If left unmaintained, these parts including the tail lights can compromise your safety. So if you want to keep your stock tail lights efficient and in its best condition, then follow these easy and trouble-free maintenance tips:

    • Perform a regular checkup.
    • Your tail lights may not be as easily noticeable as your headlights but they still need your constant care and attention. It is advised to check and clean them at least once or twice a month or when you see any signs of dirt and debris buildup. Performing this simple inspection can greatly extend your tail light's service life.
    • Use wet fine-grit sandpaper in sanding the lights.
    • Washing the tail lights with wet sandpaper can greatly prevent dirt buildup from tail light scratches. However, be sure to rinse the parts after cleaning and allow them to dry thoroughly to prevent moisture from seeping in.
    • Apply plastic polish and buffing compound.
    • The tail lights should look dull after you have used the fine-grit sandpaper. To restore the tail lights' original luster, apply a plastic polish. In addition, be sure to apply in small circular motions. You may also apply buffing compounds on the tail lights to remove any missed scratches from the sanding process.
    • Know what kind of towels or rags to use in wiping tail lights.
    • Microfiber towels or 100 percent cotton rags work best in wiping the delicate surface of the tail lights. Applying a UV protectant to prevent oxidation is also a good addition. Luckily, most auto supply stores are selling a complete set of cleaning materials for your auto.
    Other maintenance remindersWhen performing any cleaning or replacement on your tail light bulbs, do not forget to wear gloves. Wearing them can help prevent a faster deterioration of your bulbs. You see, this is because the oil from the skin can cause the tail light bulbs to burn out prematurely.