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Dodge Ram 1500 Step Bars

Four Tips to Keep Your Dodge Ram 1500 Step Bars in the Right Shape

The step bars attached on your Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck helps the passengers enter and alight the vehicle safely. Sometimes called a Nerf bar, it is also used for protection by sports utility vehicles or pickups against rough and rocky off-road trails. Since the step bar is located on the vehicle's exterior, it is easily prone to wear and damage. Here are some tips that could prolong the lifetime of the step bars on your pickup:

  • Clean the step bars on a regular basis.

    Just like the body of your vehicle that has to be washed regularly, the step bars should be cleaned as well. You can simply use soap and water to do this task. Remember to thoroughly remove the dirt at the edges of the step bars where the rubber grip pads meet the surface. A lint-free rag can be used to ensure that the step bars are wiped dry afterwards.

  • Remove the rust from the step bars.

    The steps bars of your pickup truck gather dirt, water, and mud from the road which may lead to corrosion if these are not removed immediately. If it's already visible on the surface, then you can use a wire brush to remove some of the rust that has formed. A rust dissolver or naval jelly is also an effective way to get rust off the step bars, and a paint brush or rags can be used to apply the solution.

  • Use the right type product to keep it looking new.

    If you have aluminum step bars, then you may use aluminum cleaner on its surface. There's also aluminum polish that will make the step bars shine. For the rubber areas of the step bars, use a rubber or vinyl protectant to keep the padding in prime condition.

  • Repaint the step bars.

    When the step bars on your pickup have accumulated too much rust and cleaning can't resolve the problem anymore, the best solution is to repaint them. Before you begin painting the step bars, all the rust and dirt has to be removed totally so the surface will be smooth when painted. Remember that three coats of spray paint is already good to provide enough protection.

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