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Dodge Ram 2500 pickup Parts and Dodge Ram 2500 pickup Accessories

Six Fast Facts about the Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup

  • The Dodge Ram 2500 pickups were forerunners of style and function. They significantly altered the image of trucks when they were introduced in the market in 1994. Dodge Ram 2500 pickup parts made an ensemble that allowed the truck to look muscular and rugged while being stylish and classy. This model clicked. Five years after its initial release, Dodge Ram sales unexpectedly doubled.

  • This bulky fellow is a true-blue macho vehicle. It is equipped with great workhorse capacity that caters to the heavy-duty driving of anyone's liking. This big guy can tow weights of up to 13, 350 pounds-a threshold way more than its own weight. This is all because of the 350 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque installed in its six-cylinder diesel makeup.

  • Though macho, the Dodge Ram is also an accommodating big fellow. Its Mega Cab body design is excellent for those who want to combine high-level road adventures and comfortable leisure trips. This jumbo crew design permits passenger space to be maximized. It also provides a comfortable backseat area. Apart from the Mega Cab, the Dodge Ram 2500 is also available in other body styles, like the regular and Quad Cab models.

  • The Dodge Ram 2500 pickup is a tough guy with plenty of niceties. Among the optional Dodge Ram 2500 pickup equipment that can add more spice to off-road rides are a rear-seat DVD entertainment system, a sunroof, a Bluetooth navigation system, and a satellite radio. On the other hand, topping the list of popular Dodge Ram 2500 pickup accessories are mirrors, hitch covers, and gas caps.

  • Fuel efficiency is at the core of this truck's design. The Dodge Ram 2500 pickup uses the Cummins 6.7-liter Turbo Diesel that does not need Diesel Exhaust Fluid for emissions. With this built, any driver would not have to think about filling up another tank of gasoline.

  • Loyal to delivering the taxing demands of cross-country rides, the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup is also designed to cater to the demanding routines of businessmen and technical whizzes. Packed with innovations like the Uconnect hands-free phone system, the ParkSense Rear Pack Assist System and the ParkView Rear Back-up Camera, the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup is sure to make driving easy for the busy bees.

Dodge Ram 2500 pickup Articles

  • Dodge Ram 2500 Common Problems

    Built for heavy-duty tasks, the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup does not fail in delivering maximum-capacity functions. Equipped with a superb horsepower, this truck can carry loads that are even beyond its own weight and built. However, this macho guy has its own share of weaknesses. Here are some common flaws consumers have noted about Dodge Ram 2500 pickup parts:

    Problematic steering systems

    Although robust in built, some Ram 2500 units can have limp and sloppy steering. Owners of such units reported difficulty handling the steering system, especially at the center. This makes the vehicle run all over the place that two hands need to be used to fully control the Ram's navigation.

    In the recent models of the truck, a growing number of suspension problems have also been reported. Most of these involve broken tie rods, resulting to shaking at the front and rear ends of the vehicle when reaching speeds of more than 60 MPH. In 2011, Chrysler recalled 2004 models because of faulty left tie rod ball studs. If left unattended, these may fracture when the driver makes a tight turn during a low-speed maneuver, eventually leading to loss of directional stability.

    Faulty brakes

    Other problems on the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup involve the brakes that often shudder and become noisy during drives. A number of truck owners also noted instances of rough stalling and idling. In some reported cases, the faulty brakes would even turn on on their own.

    Cracked interior accessories

    Some more of this macho's setbacks are defective Dodge Ram 2500 pickup accessories. As reflected by majority of the owners' reviews, problems seem to revolve around the truck's dashboard. In most cases, the dashboard is reported to be cracked, which sometimes even extends to the drink cup holder assembly.

    Sound-penetrable parts

    Ram 2500 pickup users also noted being distracted by noises from some of the truck's parts. Most complaints about noise root from the windows from the passengers' and the drivers' sides. According to some owners, wind noise can be so loud sometimes that conversations while driving are virtually made impossible. Noise has also been traced to the heavy-duty truck's Hemi clatterbox, which often makes clattering lifter noise.