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Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup Parts and Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup Accessories

Seven Heavy Facts about the Macho Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup

  • This heavy-duty guy is a real giant. Extending up to 20 feet long, the Dodge Ram 3500 will really take up a great space in anybody's garage. This is just a sneak peak to its really big size. In terms of its weight, the Ram 3500 tips the scale at 7,920 pounds-unloaded.

  • The Dodge Ram 3500 is a power speedster. With a minimum requirement of 9.1 seconds, it could zoom from 0 to 60 kilometers. This is combined with its superb power that allows it to reach 350 horsepower at 3,000 rpm.

  • Buried in the guise of the truck's robust and rugged built, the Dodge Ram 3500 pickup parts are actually mostly made of plastic. Prominent among these plastic components are actually Dodge Ram 3500 accessories.

  • The macho machine is also one that combines luxury and top-rate function. Inside the big exteriors are the comfortable seats and accessories, paired with entertainment and comfort options like the automatic climate controls and trailer brake controls. It is also equipped with generous passenger space, with capacity of up to three people in the front seats. To top it off, the rear portion of this heavy-duty automobile even has 45.3 inches of leg-stretching room-more than enough for a comfortable rocky ride.

  • Aside from the generous space this muscled truck can offer, it is also equipped with interior features that are sure to upscale anyone's driving and riding experience. Included in some Dodge Ram 3500 pickup packages are the Sirius satellite digital radio, and a back-end DVD entertainment system.

  • Among the roster of heavy-duty vehicles, the Dodge Ram 3500 is the only truck that allows the owner to choose from a selection of transmissions. Unlike its counterparts in other brands, the Dodge Ram 3500 pickup diesel also comes with a regular exhaust brake.

  • The ram sign, to which the series has been named after, has been part of the lineup emblem since the 1930s-even if the label was still referred to as the D Series at that time. When the Dodge Ram lineup entered the American pickup market in 1981, it finally adopted the Dodge Ram label, featuring the ram sign inside and outside the vehicle.

Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup Articles

  • Common Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup Problems

    Built as a workhorse, the Dodge Ram 3500 pickup can definitely go the extra mile. With its powerful engine ensemble and equally superb exteriors and built, one may not want to associate any weakness with this giant. But as Achilles had a weak spot on his heel, the Ram 3500 is not without any troubles of its own. Read on for some of the most common problems Ram 3500 owners encounter with their big guy.

    Accessories problems

    As with the other Ram series, one of the most problematic Dodge Ram 3500 parts is the dashboard. A number of the complaints geared at the Dodge Ram series focused on reported cracks at the dashboard of the heavy-duty truck. While some of the instances can be resolved with repair and adjustments, some consumers still have qualms about the safety and quality of the product. Other problems with the Dodge Ram 3500 pickup accessories involve the CD player and the gear level, which often becomes stuck.

    Oil sludge

    Other truck owners have also noted some defects with the 2.7-liter engine of this big guy, causing oil clogging. This consequently affects the engine performance and the timing chain of the vehicle, causing further problems and disadvantage to Ram 3500 owners.

    Oil sludge problems on early versions of the Dodge Ram series were linked to the thin engine walls of the 4.7-liter V-8 trucks. Failure at less than 100,000 miles was also recorded in these models.

    Steering setbacks

    Some reported problems with the Dodge Ram 3500 pickup parts involved the steering system, especially the linkage drag and inner tie rod connections. This expectedly results in poor control of the steering wheel that may be observed in a sudden and uncontrollable shaking of the vehicle. The predicament is also related to the Dodge Ram brakes that easily wear and warp. Car experts conclude that the thin brakes essentially cause the problems in steering.

    Transmission glitches

    Another common problem that plague Dodge Ram 3500 pickup owners are complications with the transmission system. Some associate this with pressure solenoid failure, which may cause the Ram 3500 to jerk and spring. A shift on the transmission is linked to problems in the transmission filter. If not given proper and immediate attention, this may eventually cause the vehicle to not move at all. Lastly, transmission problems might also be caused by leaks in the seals that surround the driveshaft area, starting from the transmission. When the engine becomes drained of transmission fluid, transmission might overheat or burn up.