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Infiniti A/C Condenser

If you are feeling the heat and humidity more than usual on your drive home from work, perhaps your Infiniti AC condenser is not as efficient as it once was. The Infiniti AC condenser is a long tube that weaves back and forth through a network of cooling fins. In its position, mounted in front of the vehicle's radiator, the Infiniti AC condenser is able to use forced air, generated by the fan and the motion of the vehicle, to help it perform its task of cooling the refrigerant as it passes through to be sent back to the rest of the air conditioning system. The components of the air conditioning system work very hard in the hottest months of the year, fighting against the hot and humid air of summer, as well as against the heat absorbed from the day's sun, radiating up from the pavement. There is also the heat produced by the engine for the Infiniti AC condenser to work against, and the intensity of the rays of the sun, beating into the vehicle through the window glass. These factors could surely contribute to stress and wear on the Infiniti AC condenser, making it less able to provide the cold air you desire. The Infiniti AC condenser can also be vulnerable to damage from road debris striking its network of delicate fins, allowing the refrigerant to escape through a leak. Corrosion can set in, as the position of the Infiniti AC condenser, right at the front of the vehicle, leaves it exposed to the elements. We carry a selection of Infiniti AC condenser replacements in our user-friendly online catalog, all at great prices. Ordering your Infiniti AC condenser will be quick and convenient, using either our toll-free phone line or our secure site.