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Infiniti Axle Assembly

The Infiniti axle assembly is an important part of the overall performance of your vehicle, helping in the process that powers the drive wheels. The torque power produced by the engine must be transferred to the drive wheels of your vehicle to allow the motion that transports you every day. The power of the engine is transmitted to the drive wheels in a process that begins with a transfer from the engine crankshaft to the vehicle transmission, with a connection formed by the clutch assembly. The transmission sends the power on to the Infiniti axle assembly, which uses it rotate the wheels. The Infiniti axle assembly is made up of a number of essential components that include the constant velocity joints and their protective boots, as well as the axle shafts. If all is well with your Infiniti axle assembly, the transfer of power to the wheels should be smooth, free of excess vibration and noise. If there is noise or rough jerking as you accelerate, these can be signs of trouble with Infiniti axle assembly parts. A clicking or grinding sound that is especially pronounced when cornering can indicate excess wear in the CV joints, often the result of a failed CV boot. Such symptoms require attention as soon as possible to avoid the risk of a failure in the Infiniti axle assembly, which could cause the transfer of power to the wheels to be interrupted. We carry a selection of Infiniti axle assembly replacement parts in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our well-organized and secure site will make ordering your Infiniti axle assembly quick and efficient or the expert customer service assistants on our toll-free phone line will make placing your order by phone just as convenient.